Born 1964 in Hasaka (Syria), lives since 2015 in Berlin (Germany).



2023 - group exhibition "Spring in January", Urbanist Art Gallery (Dubai) with Mission Art (Beirut)
2022 - group exhibition "Kurdistan. Images of Existance", District Museum of Bydgoszcz (Poland)
2017 - group exhibition "Der Blaue Raum", Jewish Museum Berlin

2016 - solo exhibition Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Berlin

2015 - solo exhibition SPD-Bürgerbüro, Berlin-Reinickendorf

2014 - group exhibition "Syrian Crisis - The Art of Resilience", World Bank, Washington; Contemporary Art Platform (CAP), Kuwait; Kaleemat Sanat Galeri, Istanbul; Marmara Museum, Istanbul

2013 -Saifi Village, Beirut (Afak and Solidere)

2011 - solo exhibition Khan Asaad Basha, Damascus

2010 - solo exhibition Goethe Institut, Damascus

2009 - solo exhibition National Museum, Damascus; solo exhibition Goethe Institut, Damascus; 53rd Venice Biennale; solo exhibition Museum of Modern Arts, Lattakia (Syrien)

2008 - solo exhibition American Cultural Center, Damascus